Twitter notifies users to change their passwords


Twitter notifies users to change their passwords when they open the Twitter website or app. The company’s chief technology officer, Parag Agrawal, said in a blog post that it had recently found a bug that stored passwords, unmasked, in an internal log.

The company is telling all users that they should change their passwords, now. CEO Jack Dorsey echoed Agrawal, saying in a tweet that the company believes “it’s important for us to be open about this internal defect.”

The company advised its 336 million users to change their password on Twitter and any other service where they may have used the same password.

To change your Twitter password tap on your profile picture on the Twitter website or mobile app. On the web, you’ll then want to click on the “” option from the drop-down list. Then go to the tab on the left-hand side labeled “Password.”

You also can change it from your phone by clicking on “Settings and privacy,” then “Account” followed by “Change password.” If in a certain situation you don’t remember your password, you can always reset it by choosing the “Forgot password?” option

If you don’t know your password you can always reset it by choosing the “Forgot password?” option from the login screen and following the steps from there.

While changing your password you need to set up two-factor authentication. This small move will protect your account from unwanted logins in the future.

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