Libratone Today Adds the Sweat-proof Track+ Neckbuds to its family of products


Libratone provides on-ear wireless headphones and also offers covers and accessories. The company added the new Track+ Wireless In-Ear headphones in its family of products. These are the wireless version of its Q Adapt family of products that the company already offers.


Google chose Libratone as one of its first “Made for Google” headset partners by releasing the Pixel 2. The interesting is that Libratone is building adaptive adjustable noise-canceling customization.

Libratone is bringing a selection of headphones to the next stage by adding an adaptive level of noise canceling to these TRACK+ Wireless In-Ear headphones. This new feature will automatically adjust the level of noise cancellation according to the current environment. It seems like Libratoneis following Beats’s footprint which has already unveiled its studio 3 over-ear headsets with a similar addition. It offers you the option to switch between four noise-canceling levels.

The Libratone Track+ will be priced at $199 in the US. You can order it from Amazon and other retailers starting the sale early in the New Year. You can pair these headphones with another set enabling audio to be shared at the same time between two listeners.

They are very lightweight and easy to carry and stow when not in use. The company just unveiled that the headphones will arrive in early 2018 but it has not provided exact availability details.

The company said that the headphones will be available in two options, Stormy black, and Cloudy white.

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