SpaceX Prepares To Launch Its Next Mission Falcon 9, Lifting Off On 30th January


SpaceX crews has paced up in the preparing of its next launch of Falcon 9 probe, which is scheduled on not earlier than 30th January along with the SES’s telecom satellite and secret Zuma payload. However, the officials from SpaceX emphasized that their probe wasn’t to criticize for the reported loss of the mysterious payload of U.S. government, after the takeoff on Sunday.

The target satellite is aimed to fly on the SpaceX Falcon 9 spacecraft, which arrived at the Cape Canaveral as of planned liftoff on January 30 from pad 40 on the old SpaceX booster. Since, the launching window is set to open on Jan 30 at 4:23 pm EST (2123 GMT) and continues to 134 minutes.

Satellite GovSat 1 will be fueled by technicians with nitrogen tetroxide and hydrazine, contriving propellant in upcoming days. Later, the team will closed the satellite up inside the payload fairing of Falcon 9.

GovSat’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Patrick Biewer said in a statement that, “We are committed to our mission of providing secure satellite communication services for governments and institutions. GovSat 1, with its highly flexible payload featuring advanced encryption and anti-jamming capabilities, will further secure the connectivity for our users’ applications. We are incredibly excited about the upcoming launch of this satellite.”

Communications capacity of the satellite will be shared by GovSat with NATO allies of Luxembourg. Moreover, some of the details about the Zuma mission fate shave been made available from Thursday, as four days after the mysterious payload lifted off from Cape Canaveral on SpaceX Falcon 9.