Placing missile defense system in space may be a deficient idea

Placing missile defense system in space may be a deficient idea during enhanced nuclear anxiety. However such reinforcements could augur menacing results. Physicist and missile defense expert Laura Grego argued that the present U.S. missile defense system underperformed in tests rendering it unreliable. She said that inflating the system’s power by erecting missile defense in space may increase the chances of world being in a delicate condition as far as space warfare is concerned.

The disquiet emanates from North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile tests and forthcoming missile defense analysis from the U.S. Department of Defense, expected in May. That analysis could trigger attempts refurbish the present system involving strategies to attack missiles from space.

Grego of the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge said that missile defense is yielding its influence. Propelled by a rocket engine a ballistic missile navigates into space prior to emancipating a warhead that tumbles to its target beneath the force of gravity. Missile defense systems are delineated to shoot down such missiles in flight. However, present day technology does not entirely shield the United States. Experiments of the country’s system have precisely been off target, sometimes being triumphant and sometimes limiting to impeding the target.

Albeit not acutely outlined for it a system proficient of halting intercontinental ballistic missiles could also be utilized to shatter satellites as some satellites journey at altitudes and speeds compare to those of missiles.