Scientists finds 2,500 year old mummy coffin


Scientists finds 2,500 year old mummy coffin, this is discovered in Australia. The coffin acquired by the University of Sydney 150 years ago. The most important thing is that it is untouched and it is in Nicholson Museum and was never studied.

But when researchers removed the lid to the coffin last year, they discovered the remains of mummy in poor condition. “The records previously said the coffin was empty or with waste. There is a lot more to it than previously thought,” said Jamie Fraser, the lead investigator and senior curator at the museum.

The sarcophagus was one of four ancient and intricately designed Egyptian coffins. Three of them with full-bodied mummies acquired around 1860 by Charles Nicholson, a former chancellor of Sydney University.

Fraser said initial study shows the remains are of a single human, an adult probably around the age of 30. Hieroglyphs show the original occupant of the coffin that dates back to 600 BC was a priestess. Egypt was then ruled by native Egyptians.

“There are some clues in hieroglyphs and the way the mummification has been done and the style of the coffin that tell us about how this Temple of Sekhmet may have worked,” he said.

Detailed computed tomography scans and a laser scan for 3D modeling purposes were finished last week. The examination has so far been able to locate several bones, bandages, resin fragments, and more than 7,000 glass beads from a funeral shawl.

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