US Company plans skin care product based on DNA


US Company plans skin care product based on DNA. US-based Targeted DNA has announced revolutionary plans to create skin care products for customers based on their DNA.

Targeted DNA chief marketing officer Bob Finigan said “Decoding the human genome is one of the most significant undertakings, to provide real solutions to genetic level problems.”

The company is launching in phases with several planned product verticals. The first market vertical, Targeted Skin, is currently available in the United StatesGenetic results are used to create customized skin care regimens made up of their 21 unique branded products.

As there are wide varieties of products available, hence it is difficult to know which is best for us. People today are spending tons of money on skin care products, with no way of knowing whether or not they work.”

“We are simplifying the confusing choices around the thousands and thousands of products that are pushed at us as consumers daily,” Targeted DNA Managing Partner Dr. Chris Graf said.

In this way Targeted Skin is taking a revolutionary approach to solving the skin care industry’s most significant consumer trust problem.

The company next plans to tackle the health and wellness market with the launch of Targeted Wellness, a product line that will pair exercise, diet, and nutrition recommendations to individuals’ genetic profiles.

Targeted Wellness will also include a proprietary line of wellness supplements including nutraceuticals, nootropics, shakes and other supplements personalized for customers based on their DNA results.

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