Kids can Perform As Well As Professional Adult Endurance Athletes


Kids can perform as well as professional adult endurance athletes, and even recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise. Scientists have discovered that youngsters have fatigue-resistant muscles and energy level greater than endurance athletes. Children also quickly return back to their hyperactive as they have an impressive recovery time.

The new research has compared the energy result and post-exercise recovery rates of youngsters, untrained adults, and endurance athletes.

The research was published in open-access journal Frontiers in Physiology. The study found that children were less tired during the high-strength exercising because they used more of their aerobic metabolism according to Sebastien Ratel, Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology who completed this study at the Université Clermont Auvergne, France.

For the findings, the researchers tracked 12 youngsters aged between nine and 11, 12 untrained men and 13 male endurance athletes who were involved in national-level triathlon competitions or long-distance running and cycling. The researchers asked the participants to perform two seven second resistance sprints, then the Wingate Cycle Test.

As a result, they found that Kids can perform as well as professional adult endurance athletes as they have fatigue-resistant muscles and an impressive recovery time.

“Our study shows that muscle endurance is often very good in children, so it might be better to focus on other areas of fitness such as their sports technique, sprint speed or muscle strength,” said co-author Anthony Blazevich, Professor in Biomechanics at Edith Cowan University, Australia.

“Our research indicates that aerobic fitness, at least at the muscle level, decreases significantly as children move into adulthood — which is around the time increases in diseases such as diabetes occur,” Dr. Ratel suggests.


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