Alzheimer affects Brain’s new nerves growth


Alzheimer affects Brain’s new nerves growth as this is responsible for degenerative brain conditions. For a long time researchers thought the brain did not make new cells.

In Alzheimer disease the existing cells died with age, nerve connections were lost and everything from memory to reasoning and language skills started to decline.

Then scientists learned that the brain actually did make new nerve cells in memory area. The reason behind cognitive functions still decline over time is that’s what researchers led by Maura Boldrini, a research scientist in the department of psychiatry at Columbia University. She compared her results to those of people with Alzheimer.

Maura Boldrini studied the brains of 28 healthy people who had died suddenly of accidents but not long term disease. The people ranged in age from 14 years to 79 years, so the researchers could look brain cells in different parts of the brain. It gives rise to the brain nerve cells, in people of different ages.

The aging brain reduces blood flow to nourish these cells. That means they are dividing less, and generating fewer new neurons in older brains than in younger ones. In other words, the pool of new brain cells is still there, but it’s not as active in older brains.

The findings suggest that it may be possible to conflict some age-related cognitive decline by improving blood flow to the brain, and making sure that tiny capillaries that feed brain nerve cells aren’t compromised.

“Exercise could help to maintain,” says Boldrini.” It can help to improve blood flow in the brains of animals.

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