Official Grand Opening of the ‘Museum of the Bible’ in Washington DC

The museum of the Bible has finally opened its doors on 17th November 2017, with edged by two golden, giant scripture tablets. The museum is located in Washington DC documenting the narrative, impact and history of the Bible. The museum has amassed one of the biggest assemblies of biblical text and artifacts in the world by collaborating with the private other museums, donors and institutions.

Unlike the Smithsonian funded by taxpayer, the museum is owned privately. Though, the museum has been positioned as a national museum by its creators, physically placing the religious history of America at its political center. Since, the building stands just blocks of the National Mall and House of Representatives offices and its top floor gives a dazzling view of the Capitol around.

There several other private institutions such as Madame Tussauds, the Newseum and the Spy Museum who spot downtown Washington, still the best comparison points about the Museum of the Bible are basically thousands of miles away.

Both the Bible Lands Museum and its neighbor The Israel Museum are strategically located in the central hub of Jerusalem of universities, libraries, banks and government buildings. Both the museums use ancient artifacts to express the story of national identity and for emphasizing religious history, while their authority claims are contested like the Museum of the Bible.

The Director of Communications and Marketing at the ‎Museum of the Bible, Jeremy Burton said in a statement that, “All the mystery is gone. Are we going to be evangelicals? Are we going to be not enough Jesus? Judge for yourself.”

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