New Research Says High Fat Diet May Promote Weight Loss

A cheery amazement for the people wishing to eat fatty diets and lose weight, simultaneously, as a team of scientists have recognized a way to prevent fat cells from developing larger, which leads to obesity and weight gain.

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine located in the St. Louis, United States, have concluded the result by triggering the Hedgehog pathway in the fat cells of mice they that they could feed them high fat diet despite of making them fat.

The study published in the eLife journal explaining that nearly a third of adult Americans is obese, which is more than just a physical appearance. Scientists link the obesity to a serious health issue such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The researchers managed something for this experiment, known as Hedgehog pathway, which is a signaling system involved in the development of cell throughout the body. the team said that the project succeeded at suppressing the obesity in mice, which represented a feasible pharmaceutical route to the weight condition.

Ph.D. Professor Fanxin Long from the Medicine and Developmental Biology Department of Orthopaedics at the Washington University said in a statement that, “Fat gain is due mainly to increased fat cell size. Each fat cell grows bigger so that it can hold larger fat droplets. We gain weight mainly because fat cells get bigger, as opposed to having more fat cells.

Long added that, “It will take some work to make the mouse method work for humans, who also have Hedgehog pathways, but this could lead us to a new therapeutic target for treating obesity. What’s particularly important is that the animals in our study ate a high-fat diet but didn’t gain weight, and in people, too much fat in the diet is a common cause of obesity.”

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