Google Doodle: The First Ever Adorable Coding Lesson for Children

On the occasion of Computer Science Education Week, Google’s Doodle celebrated its 40 years of coding program since when the kids programming languages were first launched to the world. The Google’s Doodle team went beyond and above to celebrate the event on Monday.

Google also encourages children to create their own Google logo with the help of a Scratch Hour of Code project, where Google lets them direct an adorable little bunny over a garden searching carrots. This special advancement is globally available to tinker.

Researchers from the MIT Scratch and the team of Google Blockly contributed to devise this addition. Doodle uses a coding language for Scratch’s signature drop and drag jigsaw puzzle, which is designed to be accessed by all the coders of any age.

This adorable project was not an easy feat at all, while it is a collaboration of the Google Blockly team, Google Doodle team and the MIT Scratch researchers. Champika Fernando from the MIT said that, “My first experience with coding was in a free after-school program back in the eighties when I was nine years old. We programmed a little green turtle to move around and draw lines on a black screen. That programming language was called as logo.”

Fernando believes that the Google Doodle’s current version, which appears in most of the countries today, may ignite an interest and concern in coding a program for children over the world.

She added in saying that, “This week, millions of people around the world can and will have their first experience with coding. My hope is that people will find this first experience appealing and engaging, and they’ll be encouraged to go further.”

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