Digital license plates are accepted in Florida


Digital license plates are accepted in Florida. It could help save taxpayers millions. A company called Reviver Auto has developed electronic license plates, dubbed Rplates.

Rplates are now on sale in California, and will be available in Arizona, Texas and Florida in the near future. Reviver Auto CEO Neville Boston said his company is working to legalize them in another nine states by the end of the year.

The plates retail for $699. In addition a monthly service plan that costs up to $7.75 for the desktop browser based software to manage the system and optional GPS tracking.

The good thing with these plates is drivers would never have to renew their tag in person at the DMV office or through the mail.  They could simply do it online with no need to replace stickers each year.

Each plate’s unique characters are constantly displayed. In an emergency, the tag displays weather advisories and Amber Alerts issued by the National Weather Service and law enforcement. These plates are estimated to save Californians around $20 million in postage spent by the DMV.

NBC News interviewed Dr. Ashraf Gaffar, an assistant professor of engineering at Arizona State University, who studies automotive technologies. He agreed that digital license plates could offer some benefits but cautioned that they might introduce other problems.

“Driver distraction is one of the biggest killers of teenagers in the United States,” said Gaffar, who is not affiliated with Reviver. Electronic plates could be “fertile ground for hackers,” and could raise privacy concerns.

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