Elon Musk Unveils the Most Electrifying Gamble, Tesla Semi EV Truck

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has unveiled the new Tesla Semi Truck on Thursday. the Tesla Semi is one its all-electric trucks over the world coming from the Tesla house, to which one can simply apprehend it as a technology hotbeds that people have seen in earlier Tesla Model 3, Model X and Model S. since, it is a battery-package exciting the world to consider how great the vehicle is. The company will be playing the role of destiny for the commercial vehicles over the world, if it is supremely successful in tugging off the product.

the most awaited, Tesla Semi truck is a menacing and hulking hauler that comes with the existence of Darth Vader skulking from above the cast in black hue, rather similar to the apparition of metallic silver-white. The Tesla Semi boasts a substantial charge capacity with an impressive aesthetic and distinct look that will definitely place it out from the current commercial freight vehicles.

Tesla Semi can go up to 60 mph just within 5 seconds that is unbelievably faster if compared to the diesel truck. The truck is also having a drag coefficient which is better that any super car, because of its extremely aerodynamic design.

A bus and truck manufacturer and Vice President at the Powertrain and Advanced Technology of commercial vehicles produced by Navistar Corporation, Darren Gosbee stated that, “We have to provide a product that in essence allows them to make money. When it comes to battery-powered big rigs, the worst application is one that basically sits at 65 mph and just drives. Your best application is a vehicle that doesn’t travel a great deal of distance and has an awful lot of stop-start maneuvers.”

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