Egypt Hasn’t Any Desire to Drag into Military Conflicts with Saudi Arabia

Egypt is tackling with big expectations of Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arabic patrons that it will be having their back supports when strains grow with rival Iran, even throwing its military weight, which is the biggest standing Arab army, into the crisis when needed.

But, Egypt clearly shows no desire to face tensions scrolling into the next Saudi-Iran delegate battle or to drag itself in to the military conflicts like many others that tear up the Middle East. its hesitation could be heading towards the dissension between Riyadh and Cairo.

Leadership of the country has been bashing a balance act and gives nods of support for its Gulf Arabic allies during their struggle to escalations versus Iran. Since, many other Egyptian officials have sharpened rhetoric to oppose Shiite Iran and non-Arab, but haven’t embraced the ethnic slant and sectarian used by Sunni-led Gulf Arabic friends.

Imad Hussein, an editor of Arabic newspaper, Al-Shuruq publish in Egypt and many other Arabic countries, wrote that, “Egypt’s real national duty is to tell our brothers … that we are with them to defend the security of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the entire region … But that does not mean that we get dragged by them into wars and conflicts that are essentially sectarian and benefit no one except the enemies of the (Arab) nation.”

The track record of Egypt under its President Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi has shown his reluctance for the military activities if Gulf Arabic is subjected to clear-cut aggression or unless the territory gets directly threatened.

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