Don’t Waste Such Ludicrous Amount of Food on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in November’s fourth Thursday in United States, October’s second Monday in Canada and nearly same of the year in Caribbean and Liberia. It is the day began as a festival of giving thanks to the blessings of harvest and preceding year. But gradually, the traditional festival of expressing gratitude has been changed to squandering foods.
According to the government data, Americans squander roughly $165 billion on uneaten food each year, while around $277 million from that wastage will take place on during Thanksgiving Day.
However, the entire turkey sales for Thanksgiving have immersed a bit in past few years, still consumers are expected to squander around 200 million pounds of turkey on the Thanksgiving holiday, as reported by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which is a non-profit international environmental defense group located in New York.
A professor, food ethicist, lawyer and director at the Food Recovery Project, Nicole Civita said in a statement that, “Thanksgiving almost exacerbates it. It’s a holiday specifically built around the meal, as opposed to a meal being a way to celebrate the holiday. We broke free from the idea that we have to have this bird sacrificed at the center of the table, because it’s what we’re ‘supposed’ to do. It’s about making sure we don’t take the joy and fun out of the celebration. It’s nice for people who didn’t host to have a little bit of the after-holiday traditions also. And then you don’t have to have turkey sandwiches for the next five days.”

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