Coffee Lovers Are At Lower Risk of both Heart Failure and Stroke

A recent analysis of one of the largest and lengthiest researches of the country revealed that drinking coffee leads to lower risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and heart failure. Each additional cup of coffee drunk per day decreased all of these conditions by 5%, 7% and 8% respectively, if consumed up to six cups at least a day.

The prior research was first introduced at American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions held in Anaheim, California. The research hasn’t been yet published in peer reviewed scientific journal, while this is not the first study that suggests coffee to be away from arteries and heart diseases.

A Ph.D. student, Laura Stevens from the University of Colorado School of Medicine at the Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Colorado, with a cardiologist David Kao and Drs. Carsten Görg implemented the experiment with the help of machine learning technology along with the conventional data analysis technologies to unwrap a counter relationship lies between the ratio of coffee drunk in a week and the chances of getting stroke and heart failure.

Laura Stevens said while explaining more about this association that, “In an ideal world, we would be able to predict cardiovascular disease and stroke with 100% accuracy long before the occurrence of the event. The challenge here is there are so many potential risk factors, and testing each one using traditional methods would be extremely time consuming, and possibly infeasible.”

So, Coffee lovers, your each cup of guzzled Joe could drive your risk down regarding heart problems.

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