Chefs Are Gracefully Representing the US in Bocuse d’Or Completion

The Bocuse d’Or is a biennial world championship for chefs, named to French chef Paul Bocuse, who is famous for his various innovations in approaches to cuisine and his high quality restaurants. Bocuse d’Or is the world’s most reputable cooking and occurs annually for two days around the end of January at the Catering and Food Trade Exhibition of the SIRHA International Hotel in Lyon, France.

After, chef Matthew Peters secured the first gold medal of this year, The Kirkley Hotel will bring the United States into the grand finales of 2019, as defending champion. For the same, his team has now fulfilled the promise made by Team USA chairman Thomas Keller, an American chef, restaurateur and cookbook writer, to Bocuse himself. Bocuse always wanted the United States to prove that its chefs have that much potential to compete and win on a world stage. Later he expressed on this January’s win that, “And we did both..!”

Keller has set high sights and his voice also trailed off while stumbling over his words, laughed and clearly tried to be remained humbled after expressing his thoughts, as he said, “I think what we want to do is continue to challenge ourselves in a way that establishes, you know, a, um a, not necessarily. I don’t want to say a dynasty. But we’ve talked about that kind of line. We’re very competitive. What we want to do is establish ourselves. We’re gonna play this to win. Our hope is to represent our country well”

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