CDC Warns US against Contaminated Milk with Potentially Deadly Bacteria

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns American for the second time in recent three months, who might have drunk contaminated raw milk and its products or beverages in the last 6 months should have to visit their doctors. raw milk from K-Bar Dairy in Paradise in Texas (northwest of Fort Worth) have been tested positively as contaminated with unusual but potentially deadly bacteria called as Brucella RB51.

CDC recommends people who have consumed such contaminated milk or milk foodstuffs from the K-Bar Dairy from June 1 to Aug. 7, 2017 must get an antibiotic treatment to keep the risk of durable, chronic infections at bay.

People affected with brucellosis initially experience sweats, fever, fatigue and aches. if ignored, the Brucella RB51 infection may result in lifelong complications such as heart problems, arthritis, enlargement of the liver or spleen and in very few cases nervous system problems such as meningitis RB51 may cause serious illness in people having weaker immune systems as well as sometimes miscarriages in pregnant women.

An adjunct medicine instructor at the Emory University School of Medicine and MD, medical officer, William A. Bower from the CDC’s Bacterial Special Pathogens Branch said in a statement that, “Because health officials have no direct way to let people know they may have drunk contaminated milk, everyone who consumed milk from Udder Milk in the past 6 months should receive antibiotics now to avoid having long-term health effects from the bacteria.”

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