Billionaire Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur Pleaded Not Guilty To Opioid Bribe Conspiracy

An Indian American billionaire pharmaceutical entrepreneur John Kapoor, a founder, former chairman and CEO of controversial opioid manufacturer Insys Therapeutics, pleaded on Thursday that he is not guilty to the charges of being participated in the opioid bribe conspiracy.

John is accused of leading a cabal of bribing doctors to prescribe a strong opioid pain medication. While, yesterday, his attorney said that John will fight against the charges on him and will be vindicated. The lawyer urged the magistrate to allow John to take off an electronic monitoring bracelet during he was awaiting the trail. The lawsuit centers on the greatly compelling fentanyl spray made by Insys Therapeutics.

74-year-old Kapoor along with many other Insys managers and executives are accused of offering bribes to several doctors for prescribing a large number of potent opioid, called as subsys, which is a strong, formidable and addictive that officials from the Food and Drug Administration advice doctors to endure special training before allowing to prescribe such drug to cancer patients.

The accusations against Kapoor of dishonesty conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy and mail fraud conspiracy carry a verdict of up to 20-year-prison under the conviction. Conspiracy to contravene the anti-recoil laws states up to 5-year-prison.

Kapoor’s attorney, Brian Kelly said in statement to the judge that, “He doesn’t believe it’s a strong case. He wants to fight this case. He’s not going to desert the USA because of this case.”

Assistant United States Attorney, Health Care Fraud Unit Chief at United States Attorney’s Office District of Massachusetts, Nathaniel Yeager said that, “The amount of money he has, we could never really secure his presence, and we’d have a very difficult time getting him back.”

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