Bill Gates Joins the Battle against Alzheimer’s Disease and donates $100 Million for Research

On Monday, Bill Gates, Microsoft cofounder is joining the war of Alzheimer’s disease and announced to personally invest $100 million in fund research to develop more treatments for the disease, as Gates said a type of dementia has struck his own family member.

The fund raised by Gates will be invested in the Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF), which is highly ingenious fund supported by the Government of United Kingdom, Alzheimer’s Research UK and world’s seven major biotech and pharmaceuticals companies.

Since, the investment is free-spirited from his altruistic contribution to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This fund will be followed up with additional $50 million, which will be doled out for start-up projects working on research study of Alzheimer’s disease.

The main aspiration of Gates is that he wants to bring a proper curing treatment for Alzheimer’s, because the disease destroys patients’ memory as well as mental processes and is yet not curative at all. So, this liberal man is investing personally in the Dementia Discovery Fund.

On a personal blog, Gates Notes, he wrote in a post on Monday that, “Dementia is something personal to him. “My dad will celebrate his 92nd birthday in a couple weeks, a milestone that was practically unimaginable when he was born. Your risk of getting arthritis, Parkinson’s, or another non-infectious disease that diminishes your quality of life increases with each year. But of all the disorders that plague us late in life, one stands out as a particularly big threat to society: Alzheimer’s disease.”

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