Bartenders Suggest, Say No to Order Drink with Ice

A recent survey has been conducted including two dozens of bartenders with an objective to ‘weigh in on what they’d love to tell customers but can’t’ and they all responded suggesting people to avoid ice cubes in drinks, because that may be dirty.

Obviously, this is advised by few mixologists anecdotally. While, some restaurants and bars may not clean their ice making machines meticulously and some may use to do so. There are various news stories and studies lending credibility from past decade to this warning by bartenders regarding ice-cubes machines.

HuffPost, an American liberal news & opinion website and blog, talked with two masters of ice and ice-machine contamination in 2004. They discussed on three major issues including bacteria, mold and whatever found on hands of people. The team then concluded that the contaminants can be caught up from number places. And, mold can develop in the ice making machines, mostly when they are turned-off for a large period of time or they are not maintained cleaned.

Nevertheless, the EPA standards and 1974’s Safe Drinking Water Act for cleaned water, bacteria can contaminate water while being stored and frozen through contacts with various contaminated food or from the ice machines.

A microbiologist from the University of South Florida, Debra Huffman said in a statement that, “Most people don’t realize that not washing their hands could cause death. They just don’t see the risk. It’s not going to smell funny. It’s not going to look funny. These are microscopic, and so you’re not going to see it. You wouldn’t know it happened.”

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