Australian Doctor Designed A 3D-Printed Euthanasia Machine to Help People Have Pain-Free Death

An Australian doctor, Philip Nitschke just recently designed a ‘Death Machine’ named as ‘Sarco’ that can help people commit suicide with an efficient and painless manner.

Nitschke is 70-year-old physician from Australia, who has been tagged as ‘euthanasia guru’ and ‘Dr. Death’, claims that his new machine will let people to have a peaceful death. He is well-known as being the first medical practitioner to manage lethal injection for one of his patients, in 1996. Nitschke would go on the same way two years later and caught in prison being charged with the second-degree homicide.

He is a founder of an organization which promotes voluntary euthanasia, known as Exit International and also the writer of the ‘’The Peaceful Pill’´, a suicide handbook. Nitschke just spoke initially about euthanasia for terminally ill.

But, recently it appeared that he has changed his mind and thinks that euthanasia should not be confined to criteria and conditions. Every person should have the right to choose the decision of his life, whether its life or death.

Nitschke  said in a statement that, “After a minute and a half you start to feel disoriented — a feeling comparable to that of having a few too many drinks — and a few minutes later you lose consciousness. In about five minutes, you’re gone. Yes, there is an emergency window that opens right away when you click on it, which allows oxygen to flow into the machine at once. Additionally, you can press the stop button up until the moment you lose consciousness.”

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