2018 May Meet With More Catastrophic Earthquakes, Scientist Warned

Scientists have recently warned that more powerful and devastating earthquakes resulting massive destruction in 2018 could be triggered by decelerating rotations of the earth. They notified that the year 2018 may face more catastrophic earthquakes of 7.0 magnitudes or more.

Worrying new report says that 2018 could be the worst year for massive  earthquakes, which may all because of rotation speed of the earth slowed slightly around four years ago and still the deceleration was not that enough to be observed.

Researchers believe that a trend may be there between more earthquakes and decelerated earth rotations. The last 100 years have been witnessing an increment of 25 – 30 percent in the number of earthquakes triggered by slowing down in the rotations of earth.

The abstract of the research performed by Roger Bilham from the University of Colorado, Boulder with Rebecca Bendick from the University of Montana, released by the Geological Society of America, as parting the GSA Annual Meeting held in Seattle, Washington, says that, “On five occasions in the past century a 25-30% increase in annual numbers of [earthquakes of magnitude of 7.0 or higher] has coincided with a slowing in the mean rotation velocity of the Earth.”

Roger Bilham said in a statement that, “The Earth offers us a five-years heads up on future earthquakes, which is remarkable”

According to the researchers, the earth began to slow down in the year 2013 making the start of the most disastrous point of 2018 in the periodic fluctuations.