World’s Largest Telescope Booming in the Tourism of the County

Li Di, a Deputy Chief Engineer, is currently working on a project of the largest telescope in the world, the Aperture Spherical Telescope of 500 meters, which is also named as FAST. The FAST project has relocated the 10,000 residents living within the five Km in that core zone.

This gigantic telescope has a diameter of the 500 meters along with 4,450 panels. Arecibo Observatory of Puerto Rico has been overtaken by the FAST, which occupies the area in the diameter of 305 meters. Now, the FAST is considered as the telescope which is more sensitive by 10 times than the Bonn’s steerable telescope of 100 meters in Germany.

The project got completed in September, 2016 with the investment of 1.2 billion Yuan, i.e. $196 million. FAST is still under the process of debugging and may take at least 2 to 3 years with accordance of the international practice.

It is the quietest site of tourists in China, as the location has prevented cameras, phones and cars to enter inside. Still the site draws tremendous amount of tourists, as even the planes are rerouted with avoiding the disturbance to the site. According to the report from the local authorities, the core zone of the project has received 240,000 tourists till the date, as the cap of 2000 visitors daily.

Deputy Chief Engineer Li Di said in his statement that, “How to ensure low loss when information is transmitted under dynamic conditions is a technology patented by the United States. We can’t access it but rely on self-innovation All efforts are worthwhile. Once debugging is finished, FAST is expected to double the number of known pulsars (pulsating radio stars) in the world and tenfold the number of known galaxies in 10 to 20 years.”

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