World’s Diabetes Day- Major Risk Factors of the Silent Killer Revealed

14th November is celebrated as the International Diabetes Day across the globe. The day was initiated by the International Diabetes Federation, which aims to better develop diabetes management among people, who have been suffering through the condition across the globe.

Diabetes is a set of metabolic diseases distinguished by high blood sugar occurred either due to the impotence of body to form insulin as enough or the impotence of responding to the insulin that produced. So many myths are associated to diabetes and its lengthy treatment. Since, it is also necessary to figure out myths from facts.

Diabetics can have fruits but after making sure that they are the low GI fruits. a nutritionist from Bangalore, India says that, “It is always a good idea to avoid fruits that have a high sugar content. All fruits have natural sugar that can pose to be a problem for diabetics. Mangoes aren’t quite recommended. Opt for fruits that are high in fiber and low on the Glycemic Index like apples, pears, oranges, peaches and plums.”

One of the common myths is that diabetics should stay away from juices. But, it is more advisable to have fresh fruits as they contain more fibers and also easy to consume more glasses of juice tan eating whole fruits, that further leads to keep sugar in check. Another myth says diabetics shouldn’t eat potatoes, while it is not necessary to remove it from diet but, need to be vigilant about the way of having them. Should have them mashed, baked or boiled instead of eating potato wedges, chips and French fries made with low graded refined oils, which are not good source for carbohydrates.

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