World Mental Health Day: Bad Sleep Makes Person Cranky and Depressed

The fact is worldwide that poor sleep can make a person mentally disturbed. Scientists have also cleared that the sleeping quality has a great impact on the behaviors and moods of a person. It has been estimated by the National Alliance on Mental Illness that insomnia (sleeping disorders) hugely influences depression, many psychological conditions and anxiety in more than half of all those people who suffer from such sleeplessness.

However, scientists are still confused about the link between sleep and mood of a person. The study published by the ‘Current Biology’ focused on the amygdala that is located at temporal lobe in the deep brain. This part of the brain plays a vital role in human’s ability to express emotions.

To build the theory, team of researchers went through the observation of participants those hadn’t slept since 35 hours along with their pictures, which the team distinguished as sad. The magnetic resonance photos disclosed that the participants, who were sleep deprived, had much better responsive amygdala.

The team found a weaker link with other parts of the brain and suggested a reason that the sleep deprived people tend to become volatile emotionally due to lack of reaction from different mental faculties. This is directly connected to poor sleep hinders all the capability of regulating emotions.

A clinical psychologist and a medical director of digital medicine company Big Health, Jenna Carl stated that, “With poor sleep, thoughts can be more negative, and the processing of them may be more likely to include negative repetitive loops, or rumination, leading to negative emotions. Historically, clinicians believed that sleep difficulties were merely symptoms of anxiety and depression and would resolve when good mental health was restored.”

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