From the developments that have happened in the last few years it seems that Wisconsin is soon turning into Scotland from the perspective of United State’ version. In the present times, the venture associated with the western side of Milwaukee completely coincides with that of the huge inauguration of Sand Valley. This Sand Valley is located at 100 miles away from Wisconsin.

One of the reporters of New York Times, Tom Redurn recent checked out Sand Valley. In his report, he figured out that a significant part of Wisconsin’s land is beginning to turning into the America’s version of Scotland. Without any doubt, the location of this golf course is one of the most stunning ones in the entire United States. It would not be wrong to place the golf course of Sand Valley into one of the most elite courses in the world.

However, with the passage of time it will become clear if this new golf course would gain as much popularity as the Scottish golf course. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that at present, the golf course of Wisconsin is gaining a lot of attention. Even though the quality of this golf course is not the best one, but it seems that the start has proved to be a great one.

The presence of this new golf course is certainly making the lovers of golf sport in the United States quite happy and excited. It would be interesting to see what kind of shape this plan takes in the near future.

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