WHO’s New Powerful Guidelines to Curb Use of Antibiotics in Food Animal Production and Fish Farming

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released new powerful guidelines in order to curb the use of dangerous antibiotics in food animal production and fish farming and asking all farmers across the world to contribute and change their way of keeping flocks and herds healthy.

The agency is also calling on administration to follow the way that people use in the Netherlands and Denmark, where the use of these perilous antibiotics is banned to make critters grow faster and protect them from being sick.

In order to part into the activities of World Antibiotic Awareness set on next week, the WHO has welcomed a development for antibiotic resistance, which is spreading global threat to health of humans and becoming more severe day by day.

both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO have reported a warning that if no urgent action will be ruled out, we all will soon be suffering in the world where these dangerous antibiotics will be found to a match for superbugs i.e. drug-resistant bacteria.

A veterinarian and specialist of antibiotic resistance, Gail Hansen stated that, “It was stronger than I expected it to be. They came out strongly saying antibiotics should not be used for growth promotion or prevention.” while Chavonda Jacobs-Young, an acting chief scientist at the US Department of Agriculture said in a statement that, “The recommendations erroneously conflate disease prevention with growth promotion in animals.”

The statement released by the National Pork Producers Council is that, “A ban on disease prevention uses of antibiotics in food-animal production…would be ill-advised and wrong.”

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