On Monday, the White House was forced to move from disagreeing contact between the Trump campaign and Russia to secure a meeting that the eldest son of President Trump had in between of the presidential race with a Russian lawyer allegedly offering harmful information about Hillary Clinton.

The White House was trying to play down the implication of that encounter though details emerged indicating that it was arranged at the request of a Russian family that is related to the Kremlin and a history of business deals with President Trump and this includes preliminary plans in Moscow for a Trump Tower.

Late Monday, the controversy deepened that Donald Trump Jr was informed through email that the Clinton information was a plan of the Russian government to support the campaign of his father. The New York Times cited three unnamed people of seeing this email.

The exposure put the Trump administration on the defensive about its relationship with Moscow, and as usual is their pattern they did not disclose Kremlin contacts or provided false information about them.

Trump Jrs latest information of his taking part in the 9 June 2016 meeting totally contradicted the recent month’s statements. Now, investigators in the special counsel’s office and congress office probe the interactions of Trumps campaigns with Russia.

President Trump’s eldest son acknowledged on July 9 to meeting during the 2016 presidential campaign with a Russian lawyer, after she assured him to offer damaging information about Hillary Clinton. The eye-opener comes after months of denying campaign contacts with Russians of the White House.

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