Volkswagen’s New Electric Microbus, coming 2022

Volkswagen has announced this weekend that it will produce an electric version of its Microbus, the iconic, bug-eyed “hippie bus”.

The new model is a production version of Volkswagen’s concept vehicle I.D. Buzz, which was revealed earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show.According to a company press released Saturday,it is expected to be available in the US, Europe, and China in 2022.

Dr. Herbert Diess, the Volkswagen CEO, acknowledged the concept’s popularity while defining the plan to bring the Buzz to North American, European and Chinese markets. He said that VW was flooded with letters and emails from interested customers, entreating the company to “please build this car.”

The next version design will give the Buzz plenty of room for passengers and more. The batteries will be mounted in the vehicle floor.

The Buzz will be capable of Level 3 self-driving and semi-autonomous to start. Though a human driver is still required, the car will be able to handle some of the driving capabilities.

This reveal is exciting for VW fans but it shouldn’t come as a big surprise in the EV space. Volkswagen has even many all-electric car concepts.

VW’s statement didn’t give a lot of description about new Version. It’s likely that VW will wait to see how things like battery costs and self-driving technology evolve before finalizing definitively on factors of the production I.D. Buzz’s feature set.

It looks like a compact enterprise van on the outside, even though it offers the lavish interior space of a large SUV. The company also mentioned that people will see more electric cars on the road over the coming few years, but it will be difficult to top the VW Buzz in terms of looks and classic drop out vibes.

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