Venus Might Sheltering Extraterrestrial Life as Scientists Found New Evidences


Venus might sheltering extraterrestrial life in clouds around the planet, according to the newly discovered findings by the international team of researchers, after number of decades of probing outer solar system as well as signs of extraterrestrial life.

In 1960, for the first time the probability of being habitable of the Venus’ cloud was raised following the studies directed to the planet that confirmed the thought, which was not completely improbable. The planet – Venus was so much different in its younger days than others resembling Earth.

Study’s co-author and biological chemistry professor, Rakesh Mogul from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, said that, “On Earth, we know that life can thrive in very acidic conditions, can feed on carbon dioxide, and produce sulfuric acid. To really know, we need to go there and sample the clouds. Venus could be an exciting new chapter in astrobiology exploration.”

Now, the recent study is again dipping back in to that 60’s possibility, disclosed in the newly published paper by Sanjay Limaye, who is a planetary scientist from the Madison’s Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

“Venus has had plenty of time to evolve life on its own”, a planetary scientist, Sanjay Limaye from the University of Wisconsin–Madison said in a press release that, “That’s much longer than is believed to have occurred on Mars.”

A paper was co-authored by Carl Sagan with biophysicist, Harold Morowitz in 1967, which shown that there could be life existing in the clouds. in the study, the authors wrote that, “While the surface conditions of Venus make the hypothesis of life there implausible, the clouds of Venus are a different story altogether.”