Is a vegan diet safe for kids?


Is a vegan diet safe for kids? Veganism has become a trendy choice in many countries such as the United States.

According to the science, the healthiest diet includes fruit, vegetables and whole grains without salt, sugar or oil. Vegans eliminate all meats, seafood and animal products as well as avoid animal milk, and milk products, foods, eggs, honey and other products derived from animals. In addition, they also avoid wool, soaps containing animal products, leather, or pearl jewellery.

Parents often questions this diet is safe for children, as the dairy, fish, meat, and egg industries have declined the fact and are convincing people that young children need these products to grow up to be big, strong and smart.

Several doctors say, one thing should be noted that the S.A.D. (standard American diet) is not good for the health. The S.A.D. includes a high amount of saturated fat, sugar, oil, salt and processed carbohydrates. Meat, dairy, eggs, and fish contain a high amount of industrial pollutants and other toxins compared to plants. These products also increase the risk of childhood diseases such as asthma, chronic diseases which includes obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol.

However the questions occurs here that is a vegan diet safe for kids? While some positive effects of a vegan diet have been reviewed, there is another negative part that suggests if you want a healthier diet, veganism may not be the best way. Milk and milk products are the main sources of energy and high-quality protein. Some doctors suggest that people should consume fruit and vegetable, make more conscious meat choices.



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