In a one-sided match of ice hockey, Slovakia was bad defeated by the United States; the score was 6-1. With this massive win, the United States ice hockey team has stormed into the quarterfinals of the world championship. For those who do not know, Russia is behind the United States in the list of Group A.

As a matter of fact, two goals were scored by Johnny Gaurdreau during the final moments of the match, and with these two goals, now his tournament tally has reached to six. On the other hand, Jimmy Howard saved 19 goals, which in turn has definitely improved his confidence a lot. This was the fifth consecutive win recorded by the United States.

In regard to this match, the head coach of US ice hockey team, Jeff Blashill said that there are still some areas in which the team has to improve, so that it can compete in a better way with Russia. On Tuesday, Russia and the United States are going to confront each other on the final group game.

It was Clayton Keller who scored the first goal of the match. For those who do not know, he is the youngest player in this tournament. At present, he is just 18 years old. The next two goals were scored by Christian Dvorak, and those were pretty quick. So, it would be interesting to see how the upcoming matches are going to be. The next match between Russia and the United States is going to be the major attraction.

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