In Nashville, Tennessee, a building which is registered as a church was later exposed by an undercover cop, who is on a mission to find a sex rackets and other illegal sexual offensives, and here the church building was later found to be a sex club.

According to the reports placed by the undercover officer, the city of Nashville has recently filed several complaints against a building which was later found to be a sex club and was under the name of a church, or a church’s property. The present sex club has several state’s laws, as one of them is the ban on these types of clubs within the radius of 1,000 feet of a school, which is the Goodpasture Christian School.

The reports also suggested that the swingers club was under a conversion, which occurred in the middle of 2015, and since then the club has been moved to the nearby office park community in Madison. This has issues with the local people, as there is a school nearby to the present and accused sex club, but at first, no actions were taken place due to no solid proves. Then on the last Friday, the church building was discovered as a sex club with several females inside the place with lots of alcohol.

There were two people from the police department have dressed like civilians, and entered the club after spending $40 on entry fees, and discloses the location to the other officials, and who came in the club to arrest the authorities of the club.

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