The UK Committee Announced A Controversial Policy to Ban Surgeries for Obese and Smokers

The obesity and smoking are two causes for plethora of health conditions and diseases that affect people worldwide. Since, one of the Public health committee in United Kingdom announced a debatable policy that supports patients facing the health risks of being overweight or smoking.

The committee make the same plans for a plenty times to ban the access to non-urgent or routine surgeries by the National Health Service until when the patients will improve their health. The policy released by the committee claims that, “exceptional clinical circumstances (will) be taken into account on a case-by-case basis.”

The final decision has been sent by the clinical commissioning group (i.e. called as a CCG) for Hertfordshire, which is the county in southern England having population of over 1.1 million. a fixed time frame has been set to improve the health as up to nine months for particular obese patients having body mass index of 40 or more and over 30 , while they must have to make the number reduced by 15% and 10% respectively until the given time of period and.

The chairman at the East and North Hertfordshire CCG, Dr. Hari Pathmanathan, who is a Hertfordshire practitioner, told that, “The consultation proposals were developed by local (general practitioners) and public health doctors, with the best interests of the whole patient population of our area in mind. We understand that some of our patients will have to make changes and they will be supported to do so, for example with the free weight-loss and stop-smoking advice sessions already on offer.”

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