UAE Funding Great Mars Mission with $500,000


UAE funding great Mars Mission with $500,000, as it is planning to launch its first red planet mission in 2021 with the hopes to let humans settle there by 99 years from now.

Investing 20 billion dirhams (i.e. $5.4 billion), the United Arab Emirates has set a potential plan to expand the small Gulf state’s economy way from gas and oil by growing new regions of expertise.

Assistant director general, Salem Humaid AlMarri from science and technology at Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai said in a statement that, “We want to create our own missions and develop our own satellites. These days it’s easy for us … we definitely have more inquirers than we have positions available. The data will be available internationally to benefit the whole world.”

First Arab satellite is on the highest priority to be sent by the end of this year in the Mars, which has completely been built by Arab engineers. KhalifaSat, manufactured in Dubai, was flown to South Korea this week, where it is set to undergo the last testing before flying for the launch to Japan.

AlMarri added to his statement that, “We also want to inspire the next generation of Emiratis and get more people to go into science fields. This region was a strong contributor to society over 1,000 years ago … It’s time that we come back, it’s not impossible. The UAE is leading by example. We are showing that we can do it.”

However, the country hasn’t sheltered any rocket technology company, so that it is relying on automotive manufacturing such as SpaceX or like Mitsubishi Motors Corporation for carrying the payload in to the space. While, the space center consists of 200 employees, from which all of are the Emirati citizens.