In Fairbanks, Alaska, one occurred at the northern end of the state, while another in the southern part, which occurred on Sunday, two minor earthquakes hit the state in two different regions.

The earthquakes were minor, as one is of magnitude 3.6, while the other is of magnitude 4.4, both of them were not deadly, and no injuries or any damages reported till now, says an official.

According to the Alaskan Earthquake Center (AEC) who made a statement soon after the second incident occurred, where they said the first earthquake occurred around 8:32 pm local time, which was of magnitude 4.4 that hit the southern part of Alaska. The earthquake struck at the Cook Inlet region, on Sunday, which lies about 34 miles east of Pedro Bay, while the depth of the quake occurred about 66 miles below the ground level.

On the other hand, the second phase of the statement released by AEC was for the second earthquake, which was of magnitude 3.6, lesser than the first one, occurred around 10:02 pm local time, just around one and half hours later than the first one. It occurred at the northern end of Alaska, the exact spot is about 64.3 miles northeast of Arctic Village, and depth of the earthquake was around 2.5 miles.

Though these two earthquakes didn’t have the power that emerged any destruction, the first one did mark its presence in the Kenai Peninsula, as far as to Anchorage by its tremors, which was not too harsh, though it did.

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