President Trump’s cabinet members paid tribute to him, during a cabinet meeting on Monday, one by one. They complimented his message, policies, integrity and strength, while Mr. Trump nodded his approval and was all smiling.

Starting with things, Mike Pence said, ‘The greatest privilege is to serve as vice president to the president in my life who’s keeping his word to American people”.

“I am privileged to be here and am really honored and I wish to thank you for your commitment towards the American workers,” said the secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta.

The agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue, had returned from Mississippi and delivered a message. “They love you there,” he offered, grinning at Mr. Trump.

Reince Priebus, the chief of staff who is high in the subject of job insecurity and endless speculation, outdid them all by telling the president and the news cameras — “We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing to serve your agenda.”

So it went in the Cabinet Room of the White House on Monday, as Mr. Trump changed a routine meeting of senior members of his government into an ego-stroking and mood-boosting display of support for himself and his agenda. But, the president did not explicitly asked to be praised, Mr. Pence informed with a worshipful tone, and Mr. Trump made it clear that he was more than pleased about that he heard.

The commander in chief is known as a flattery fan speaking of him in superlatives, indulged in a bit of self-congratulation. He declared himself to be the most productive presidents in American history and proclaimed he led a “record-setting pace” of accomplishment.

“Finally held our first full @Cabinet meeting today,” later he tweeted, along with a video. “With this great team, we can restore American prosperity and bring real change to D.C.

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