President Trump signed on Thursday an executive order on cybersecurity making it clear that agency heads will be responsible in protecting their networks, and also the calls on government and industry to lessen the threat on the Internet from automated attacks.

Trump orders require the heads of the agency to use the guidelines of the Commerce Department to handle the risk to their systems. It commissions to assess the ability of the country so that it withstands an attack on the electric grid and spells out tactical options deterring cyberspace adversaries.

“We’ve seen attacks increasing from allies, primarily nation-states, adversaries, and now sitting doing nothing is not any option any longer,” said, at a White House briefing, Thomas Bossert, Trump’s homeland security adviser.

He said this order was not prompted by Russia’s last year electoral systems targeting. In fact, the order is silent on tackling the electoral systems security or even the cyber-enabled operations to pressure elections that is now a significant concern during last year’s presidential campaign. In January, the Department of Homeland Security declared election systems as “critical infrastructure.”

The executive order does not speak to offensive cyber operations that are classified commonly. This is an area where the Trump administration is anticipating to be leaning forward than its predecessor.

The order was revised many times for industry and government agency concerns. however, many National Security Council personnel who were working on policy issues in the earlier administration of Obama also helped a lot in crafting this executive order and this is also a reason for the continuity of this policy.

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