Trump declares novel policy for Afghanistan that summons for expansion in troops

Trump demarcated an altered insight for the US war in Afghanistan promising to terminate the strategy of nation building. Instead his focus is on pointing to the terrorist threat that emerges from the region. Trump also said that he felt the same level of frustrations with American people. The American people are disappointed by the foreign policy that have spent unproductive time, energy, money and lives in fraughting to reconsider countries in the own image of respective leaders rather than pursuing security interest which should be the top priority.

However, Trump elucidated few particulars about his policy and the number of US military in that region would have to be increased persisting that the state on the ground would be detrimental in determining troop levels and strategies.

Trump is willing to commit to the nation’s longest war rather than withdrawing shows an important shift in strategy towards Afghanistan since taking office. This indicates anew eagerness to take a responsible ownership of persisting disputing conflict dispersed as a waste of time and resources.

Trump condemned Afghanistan as a total disaster and censured that the high priced conflict in Central Asia removed huge resources whereas there were more pressing issues at home for American taxpayers.

Trump’s novel strategy towards Afghanistan was the outcome of long policy review within his administration that was negotiated during a Presidential withdrawal with top mentors at Camp David on Friday. Trump’s decision to support a Pentagon plan to uplift troop levels mirrors growing concern among military leaders that the front impediments for Afghan government forces against Taliban and al-Qaeda have resulted in the speedy security issue deterioration.

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