Traffic-Related Air Pollution Causes Childhood Asthma, Study Claims


Traffic-related air pollution causes childhood asthma, a new research highlights the fact about the pollution.  A new study led by the University of Leeds linked up to 38% of all annual childhood asthma cases in Bradford with air pollution.

The study also claims that up to 24% of the total numbers of cases are caused by traffic-related air pollution. Researchers’ team has assessed the effect of nitrogen oxides – gases exposure that forms air pollution using a newly- developed model.

This study is published in Environment International today. For the study, the researchers used a model that merges together four different sub-models of traffic, atmospheric dispersion emissions, and health impact analysis in Bradford. This helped the researchers to make figures of the full chain of impact – from the source of air pollution and its impact on children’s health.

Study lead author Dr. Haneen Khreis conducted the study at the Institute for Transport Studies at Leeds. According to Dr. Haneen Khreis, Bradford’s childhood asthma cases are higher than the national average and Traffic-related air pollution is a real concern.

Dr. Haneen Khreis said, “While popular initiatives such as stopping vehicles from idling outside schools or providing walking routes away from roads are important, solutions to mitigate traffic pollution shouldn’t be restricted to localised areas.”

“Our team’s previous research has shown that children exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution have a higher risk of developing asthma. Quantifying the number of childhood asthma cases that are directly attributable to traffic-related air pollution has not been done in the past and, as we show now, a significant portion of cases is largely preventable,” she said.



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