In Burleson, Texas, a toddler was left behind inside a car for over five years, and when the car got heated up it killed the little one soon after help come to him, says the officials.

According to a statement made by the officials, which says a toddler was stuck into a car for over five hours in the heat of Burleson, and by the time help reached to the little one, he was unresponsive and does not react to the primary medications. The police say this is an example of a top level negligence which leads to the death of a young toddler without any reason.

The Burleson Police Sgt. Jae Berg said this incident was a product of pure negligence, as one of the family members thought the other one is taking the child out of the vehicle, but none took him and left to die. It was then both the family members discovered the condition of the toddler when they reached back to the vehicle and headed home.

As per the weather report, it was hot, and the temperature reached 82 degrees on Friday when the incident happens. Berg also said, this temperature of 82 degrees was not enough to kill the toddler, which according to his experience, whatever the temperature is there outside it is not enough to make the temperature inside the care more than 100 degrees.

Police might look into the matter in detailed, and will pursue with the parents if necessary in the future.

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