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The issues of security breaching over the internet are intensifying day by day. Under a similar circumstance, Yahoo, the world’s one of the largest community and communication tool has discovered a three-year-old security breach which is said to be the biggest security contravene in history. Yahoo on Wednesday announced it as the biggest and most serious security breach which has enabled cyber crooks to hack more than 1 billion user accounts of Yahoo.

In the year 2013, more than one billion Yahoo user accounts were hacked, which led to the unauthorised publicising of sensitive data like usernames, mobile numbers, dates of birth and other delicate information for the cyber crooks.

The recent news of the hack came to the forefront after the declaration of Yahoo regarding a separate hack back in September. As per the previous announcement, the September security breach has affected 500 million accounts, making the unlawful publication of millions of username, password, and other account information. It means, till date, Yahoo has been the victim of world’s two biggest security breaches that ever have reported.

On this matter, the security expert of Gartner Inc, Avivah Litan said, “it is scandalous.”

Surprisingly, both incidents have happened after Yahoo signed the $4.8 billion (roughly Rs. 32,495 crores) contract to sell its digital operations to Verizon back in July this year. One security breach came to limelight in September, while another has recently discovered. And this has raised some serious questions among security analysts across the globe regarding the practicability of that treaty. While most of the analysts are suggesting the deal to be cancelled, some are recommending Yahoo to bring alteration in the valuation, if the hacks set off the lawsuit against the company.

To summon up, Yahoo is currently operating with more than one billion monthly active users. Though, some of the users are running with multiple accounts and while others have only one. In both hacks, Yahoo has reported billions of accounts to be affected by the hackers.

As per the reports of Yahoo, both hacks have enabled cyber crooks to steal much sensitive information including usernames, email addresses, contact details, date of birthday, and security questions and answers. However, the California-based company has confirmed that no bank-account details, cards, and e-payment info were affected during the breach.

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