Xiaomi makes a debut in launching electric foldable bikes-Swiftnary

The Chinese tech firm, Xiaomi has made a debut in manufacturing an electric foldable bike that was successfully launched in China on Thursday with a price tag of $455. Famously known as Mi QiCycle Electric folding bike, it has its own navigation system. The company claimed that bicycle when folded can easily fit in the back of hatchback. With a weight of almost 13.5 kilograms, its affordable for the user to carry it all around.

Powered by 250W 36V motor, the bike is foldable and electric. Boosted with a navigation system, it helps the user to get a track of distance and time along with all the fitness data required. The launch of the gadget seems that the firm is quite interested in expanding its range of portfolios.

Backed by 20 Panasonic 18650 batteries, battery unit of Mi QiCycle is estimated to be 2,900mAh each. The Chinese tech firm claims that single full charge of the machine enables the rider to have a drive of almost 45 km. Installed with 250W 36V motor in conjunction with Torque Measurement Method, it helps the user too provide assistance while pedalling. Batteries compacted in the smart bike is said to belong from the family of batteries used in Tesla electric cars.

Packed with a sensor unit, the Japanese firm Shimano took care of the mechanical aspects of the machine. The mobile application enables the user to keep a track record of the state of bike, how much time left to get discharged, and last but not the least a GPS trajectory of the route.

Apart from the above features, Mi QiCycle is festooned with a mount on the handlebar that allows the user to keep the smartphone and connect it to the smart bike via Bluetooth. It enables the rider to keep a track on speedometer, maps, traffic, lights controller, charge level indicator and so on.

The Battery Management System (BMS) installed within the bike keeps an eye on the condition of battery and ensures that electricity consumption in in safe limits.

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