Mi A1 Smartphone Establishing Partnership between Xiaomi for Targeting the Best Market

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker has now set its path going towards the global market for the sustainable hard earned momentum. Xiaomi from past three years has entered the market of more than 40 countries beyond the regions with making its smart devices more and more popular all over the world.

The company Xiaomi is competing with the top brands of popular smart devices in the market such as Samsung and Apple along with the home country’s brands like Vivo, OPPO and Huawei for gaining the tremendous attention of users from other countries like Russia and India.

The Senior Vice President of the company Xiaomi, Wang Xiang confirmed in his recent interview with Forbes, that it has been dramatically accelerated the expansion pace by the current year. This takes a forwarding step to break the company into a dozen of countries including Paraguay, Greece, Poland and Indonesia for the very first time.

Wang Xiang pointed to the syndicated loan of $1 billion as a part of the resource pool of the company which has been raised in July, for the time at which the fledgling international team is getting expanded by the company, which currently includes less than 1000 members.

Ying Yang, the IHS Market analyst said that, “It is unclear whether Xiaomi will sustain the momentum in these two countries, as other Chinese companies are aggressive with expansion into these markets alongside the market leader, Samsung, and some local players. We are financially very healthy. We use our disruptive model to carry out our plans. We aren’t a traditional smartphone company but one that does business through our ‘value for money’ model.”

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