Google invisible captcha

While browsing websites or getting into some confidential pages on the internet, you may come across solving CAPTCHA puzzles implemented by Google. Now, with an aim to bring modifications to the program of ReCAPTCHA and making the CAPTCHA solving process easier, Google is gearing up to introduce an Invisible ‘ReCAPTCHA’ system soon.

Under the new program, Google’s engineers are trying hard to kick out the CAPTCHA from the sites and launching new invisible CAPTCHA system, which will enable the computer to determine if you’re human or not, without receiving any interaction for you.

CAPTCHA or Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers & Humans Apart is a great and long-established way to distinguish between human being and computerised system or robot. Last year, Google dispatched ‘No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA’ system which enabled users just to tick a box next to “I’m not a robot” for solving the CAPTCHA phrase. The new system was introduced in contrast to the CAPTCHA system that bound users to solve the puzzle or with undecipherable letters for proceeding to the next step.

The new program is currently in testing mode and first spotted by Windows IT Pro. As per the reports of Windows IT Pro, “Invisible reCAPTCHA” is still under development and soon will come to the forefront. However, the option of sign-ups is enabled for the programmers, and any webmaster can participate in the trial program of Google for testing its upcoming technology.

It is almost two years to the launch of the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA service by Google. And after two years of the revolutionised CAPTCHA technology, Google is now gearing up to bring more transformations in the existing CAPTCHA technologies. As the previously introduced ReCAPTCHA system is still maintaining the same high-level of spam possibilities, Google’s new endeavour is to make the situation better.

The new No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA service will enable users solving CAPTCHA puzzles without solving or typing it. The invisible CAPTCHA system will automatically perceive the distinction between human being and robot and will allow the users to proceed further.

This new move of Google is expected to be a reflective action of the automated assault that cracked Google’s reCAPTCHA system, with a high degree of accuracy in the Spring of 2016. With the new system, Google is expected to prevent the spam possibilities with greater accuracy. Till now, no official confirmations are yet given by Google about its market dispatch. However, Windows IT Pro suggests it hit the floor soon.


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