Facebook and Google secretly initiates a step towards violation content-Swiftnary

Facebook is currently on the move in testing a new feature that will allow its users block some particular kinds of ads that might distress them. As per the reports published in Ad Age, Facebook is currently testing a new feature for enhancing the efficiency of its social media platform. As per the recent reports, the new function is intended to allow avoiding and blocking certain types of ads like alcohol and parenting. The intention behind this new feature is to help users avoiding the Stirring of painful memories.

The new feature will let users have a control on the ads published on the platform of Facebook. It means one can now easily block the ads and messages related alcohol and parenting for ignoring distressing insights. This is for the first time that, Facebook users will be able to turn off the annoying advertisements on their social platform, ranging from alcohol brands to the messages connected to parenting.

The new feature is now available in Beta version and is being tested. For now, only the ad mentioned above types can be blocked or turned off. However, Facebook has already confirmed that the reports of other distressing ads will be taken into consideration if users report about them and they soon will be added to the block enabled list.

This is the first time that a user can proactively turn off an ad or topic. Adding this new Ad preference feature will enable users to go on with the themes which are comfortable with.

Along with this option, Facebook is also working on a new feature that will let the users hiding ads they don’t want others to watch. In the series of changes with its Ad Preference Feature, Facebook is also rumoured to bring the look of the ad preference page and make it more convenient to navigate.

As said by Mark Rabkin, VP of core ads at Facebook, the ads related to alcohol and parenting are two most common topics circling the platform of Facebook. Witnessing such ads can create a distressing atmosphere for the families who ever have experienced miscarriage or loss of a child. Moreover, the ads related to alcohol are bringing up more upsetting impacts on youths and senior citizens. The new feature will help Facebook to make its platform more user-friendly and family-friendly.

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