Facebook mission to destroy Google plus-swiftnary

The largest social networking site, Facebook has always maintained an advanced and cast-iron rule for ensuring the security of its users and their personal data. It also has employed a special security committee to improve safety for its user base. Facebook feels the security of users’ data and sensitive information as a commitment towards its users to keep its administration secure, and so follow the methods which will shock you.

Talking about Facebook’s persistent fight against security risks and cyber crooks, Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos shared some intriguing things about the way this leading social networking site figures out how to keep its platform safe from cyber assaults. Facebook has contrasted its secret key database and stolen password databases in order to take better security approaches for the safety of the user’s data, reports Sophos’ Naked Security.

At Web Summit held in Lisbon, Alex Stamos said, “the use and reuse of the same password for frequent time is the primary cause of security assault over the internet. Even though Facebook facilitates its users with the option to reuse the same passkey, yet it is our accountability to dwell on the complete security of the users.”

Facebook reported to start navigating the dark web in the hunt for the embezzled passwords, purchasing official documents of the black market in a tender to defend users’ data. By buying stolen passwords off the black market, Facebook intends to boost up its own sanctuary, plus shelter the users who go on with a single password for two or more accounts on the internet.

As said by the Chief Security Officer of Facebook, people are strictly advised to use different passwords for various accounts on the web, in order to enjoy a better and more secure platform. But many people still use the same password for various accounts over again, and this is a legal responsibility in terms of security for the social sites. In order to deal with such a risk of operating the platform of Facebook, purchases the database of the stolen passwords off the dark web to run them aligned with its own password catalogue. It enables Facebook to identify risks associated with the account and warn millions of users about the insecurity of their password.

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