An Android malware contravened 13 million Google accounts

Cyber assault is one of the scariest issues that the current modern society is facing today. As per the statistics, even after having the encrypted option, most online accounts remain prone to cybercrime. However, Google, the topmost search engine has always maintained an aggressive and strict guideline for protecting the accounts being operated under its platform. But despite all efforts and technological implementations, Google failed to protect the privacy policy of most of its accounts.

A recently conducted study found that the Android malware has contravened the privacy of more than 1 million Google accounts. As per the researchers, Asia is ground zero for malware assaults hailed as “Gooligan” and aimed at Android operating systems, with more than one million Google accounts infringed since August.

The research also showed that “Gooligan” hackers have infected around 13,000 phones each day with the malware of Android OS. By introducing eye-catching fake advertising schemes connected with malicious app download links, cyber crooks have been able to hack and steal information from more than one million Google Accounts.

According to the researcher team, the primary reason behind this breach is the download and installation of innocent-looking and booby-trapped applications from unofficial app stores besides certified Play store of Google. After downloading and installation of such unofficial apps and software, the inherent malware got the power over of their devices at the core and kept on stealing sensitive data of the Google cloud services like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Docs. Under this process, in recent few months, hackers have breached 1.3 million of accounts running under Google’s authenticated cloud platforms.

The research was conducted by the cyber analysts of Check Point. According to the reports, since August, the fraudsters headed off with 1.3 million tokens from Google Cloud Service with an average of 13,000 new infective phones per day.

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