Amazon launches free Whole Food deliveries


Amazon launches free Whole Food deliveries in four cities. This will be two hour delivery from Whole Foods store to its prime members in neighborhoods of Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach.

Amazon prime customers will be able to order fresh meat, seafood, flowers and most, but not all, items that their local Whole Foods stores stock, said Stephenie Landry.

“We might not have every last item that could be available in your local store but we are going to have the vast majority of them,” she said.

This can be possible by visiting their account on Amazon website or via its Prime Now app. They have to check if the service is available where they live by typing ZIP code.

The purchase instantly made it the fifth largest grocery retailer in the country, according to analysts. It estimates as of January, Amazon had 18% of online grocery sales in the United States.

“Pickers will pick the items, put them in appropriate packaging to maintain the chill chain and pack them,” said Landry.

Those pickers will not necessarily be Whole Foods staffers. “We will use a variety of methods,” was all Landry would say.

The orders will then be handed off to Amazon Flex delivery drivers. These are Uber-like contract drivers who sign on for individual Amazon delivery shifts using their own cars but Amazon’s routing app.

The service will only be available during the hours the Whole Foods stores are open, generally 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. “We’re going to have a huge expansion ahead,” said Landry.

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